US FDA Grants Expanded Approval of ELEVIDYS Gene Therapy for DMD Patients Ages 4 and Above

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Telemedicine Resources

In light of the public health emergency, many of our neuromuscular patients are restricted from attending clinic days in person, which has led to a shift toward telehealth or virtual visits. To facilitate this shift, most of the administrative restrictions have been lifted and many providers are utilizing telemedicine in their practice. This page features a collection of resources from professional groups that can help address some questions about platforms, coding and billing, modified neurological exams, and best practices. These resources are updated frequently to reflect the rapidly changing administrative landscape.

General Neurology Telemedicine Resources

AAN has published comprehensive and current guidelines for practicing telemedicine during the public health emergency.

This article in Brain and Life contains a helpful guide for patients and caregivers about preparing for their first telehealth appointment.

A virtual setting does not allow for all neurological exam components to be performed, but this video describes modifications and substitutions that may be used.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many institutions to place restrictions on patients attending clinics, and not all physicians are able to switch to virtual appointments. To ensure all patients receive timely medical care, many states have eased the restrictions on out-of-state licensing requirements. Physicians can now treat patients who live in another state via a televisit. To find more information, visit the links below:

Resources for Neuromuscular Specialists and Multidisciplinary Teams

Providing expert care for our community of patients with neuromuscular disease in a virtual setting requires additional considerations. Many members of the multidisciplinary team rely on in-person interactions to provide care. To facilitate telemedicine for our community, MDA has partnered with neuromuscular experts in a series of three webinars where panelists discuss their experience with telemedicine, specifically for multidisciplinary neuromuscular teams. The webinars are hosted on our Telemedicine Resources Hub.

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