Volunteer at MDA Summer Camp

Make an impact on the lives of children with muscular dystrophy or related diseases during their best week of the year.

Camp can change your life just as it changes the lives of campers.

MDA Summer Camp wouldn’t be possible without people like you. Each summer, hundreds of volunteers serve as counselors and medical staff for up to one week to help make Summer Camp a safe, fun and memorable experience.

As a volunteer, you will be a camper’s “buddy” for the week as you participate in adaptive camp experiences, games, dances, meal time and more. You also will take on the role of 24-hour caregiver, friend and confidence-builder.

You’re there to help the kids, and you’re also there to help them function independently. If there’s any impact we make, it’s having these kids feel like they have more of an ability to live independently [than they did] prior to camp. As different as we are, we’re not that different.

As far as life decisions go, I cannot think of any other decision I have made that has made such a large impact on my life and career than agreeing to be a part of the MDA camp experience.

Heeren Patel, M.D., medical staff volunteer

At camp, the resiliency of the human spirit is evident all around you. It is a place where “I can’t” becomes “I can,” the “impossible” becomes “possible” and “limited” becomes “limitless.

Kaitlyn Thompson, counselor
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2018 MDA Summer Camps

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A volunteer counselor’s role at a glance:

Meet the needs of assigned campers with respect and care

Attend to a camper’s needs, such as dressing, bathing and feeding.

Maintain a clean, orderly and safe environment in cabins

Have fun and participate in daily activities with enthusiasm

Set a high standard of cooperation

Implement procedures to keep all campers safe 

Application requirements & time commitments:

16+ years of age (18 years of age at some camp facilities)

24/7 commitment during the week of camp

Ability to attend mandatory pre-camp training

Of sufficient strength and health to lift and care for campers

Completed camp application with two references and a background check

Physical exam in the past year and up-to-date immunizations

Interview with MDA staff

A medical volunteer’s role at a glance:

Supervise and maintain the health and well-being of campers

Dispense medications and perform first aid

Maintain health and treatment documentation

Review all camp applications prior to camp

Be part of the Emergency Decision Team

Maintain equipment and supplies

Please note: Lodging, meals and activities are provided. Transportation to and from camp is the responsibility of the volunteer.

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