May is ALS Awareness Month. Learn more about what you can do to end ALS with MDA.

Innovations in Care

We provide programs and services that transform the lives of people affected by neuromuscular disease.

On-Demand Webinars

MDA Virtual Learning: Navigating Challenging Behaviors in Children with NMD
Virtual Learning Programs
Presenters: Heidi Light-Giglio, M.Ed., BCBA
May 2, 2024
MDA Virtual Learning: Updates in Research and Clinical Care for CMT
Virtual Learning Programs
Presenters: Dr. Steven Scherer
Mar 26, 2024
 MDA Virtual Learning: Navigating Adolescence with a Neuromuscular Disease
Virtual Learning Programs
Presenters: Dr. Natalie Truba from Nationwide Children’s Hospital
Mar 12, 2024
MDA Virtual Learning: OPMD
Virtual Learning Programs
Presenters: Dr. Bernard Brais
Feb 29, 2024
The Promise of Gene Therapy in LGMD 21R9: AskBio Community Industry Update Webinar
Community Industry Update Webinars
Presenters: Nick Johnson
Supported by: AskBio
Jan 31, 2024
UCB Generalized Myasthenia Gravis Webinar
Community Industry Update Webinars
Presenters: Christyn Edmundson, MD
Dec 15, 2023
 MDA Virtual Learning: Caring for the Caregiver
Virtual Learning Programs
Presenters: Christina Trout, Kelly McCoy Gross
Supported by: Edgewise
Nov 29, 2023
MDA Virtual Learning: Disclosing Your Disability at Work
Virtual Learning Programs
Presenters: Brian Chao, Michael Lewis
Supported by: Edgewise
Nov 16, 2023
VYVGART Youniversity
Community Industry Update Webinars
Presenters: Brian Droker, MD, MS, Doug C., Patient Ambassador
Supported by: Argenx
Nov 14, 2023
MDA Engage Symposium: California
MDA Engage Symposia
Presenters: John W. Day, Srikanth Muppidi, Tina Duong, Craig McDonald, Erik Henricson, Neelam Goyal, Marie Beaudin, Min Kang, Srikanth Muppidi
Supported by: Alexion, Argenx, Avidity Biosciences, Biomarin, Edgewise, Janssen, Sarepta Therapeutics, UCB
Nov 11, 2023
MDA Virtual Learning: Home Modifications
Virtual Learning Programs
Presenters: Lorraine Woodward
Nov 8, 2023
PREVAIL Phase 3 study in generalized Myasthenia Gravis presented by Alexion
Community Industry Update Webinars
Presenters: Sanjay Rakhade MD, PhD, Joachim Scholz, MD
Supported by: Alexion
Oct 17, 2023
MDA Engage Symposium - Minneapolis, MN
MDA Engage Symposia
Supported by: Edgewise, PTC Therapeutics, Sarepta Therapeutics
Sep 23, 2023
MDA Virtual Learning: Friedreich’s Ataxia
Virtual Learning Programs
Sep 19, 2023
MDA Virtual Learning: Pompe Disease
Virtual Learning Programs
Supported by: Amicus Therapeutics
Sep 13, 2023
MTPA presents Conversations About RADICAVA ORS®(edaravone) Chapter 3: An ALS Caregiver’s Perspective
Community Industry Update Webinars
Supported by: Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma America
Aug 22, 2023
 MDA Virtual Learning Preparing for Emergencies
Virtual Learning Programs
Aug 16, 2023
Gene Therapy 101
Virtual Learning Programs
Presenters: Natalie Goedeker, Craig Zaidman
Jun 22, 2023
MDA Engage Symposium: Princeton, NJ
MDA Engage Symposia
Supported by: Amylyx, Apellis, Biogen, Genentech, MTPA, Scholar Rock
Jun 3, 2023
ALS Learning Series
Virtual Learning Programs
Presenters: Doreen Ho
Supported by: Cytokinetics, Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma America
May 4, 2023
 MDA Virtual Learning: Accessible Travel
Virtual Learning Programs
Presenters: Presenters for this webinar included Michael Lewis, the Director of Disability Policy for MDA, Mindy Henderson, Senior Director and Editor in Chief of Quest Media, and Lorraine Woodward, CEO of Becoming rentABLE.
May 1, 2023
Coping with Grief and Loss
Virtual Learning Programs
Presenters: David Stevenson
Supported by: Edgewise
Apr 26, 2023
LGMD Learning Series Playlist
Virtual Learning Programs
Presenters: Peter Kang
Supported by: Sarepta Therapeutics
Apr 19, 2023
Janine The Story of a PPP Self Advocate Presented by Xeris Pharmaceuticals
Community Industry Update Webinars
Supported by: Xeris Pharmaceuticals, Inc
Apr 12, 2023
A Novel Approach to Protect Muscle in DMD and BMD - presented by Edgewise Therapeutics
Community Industry Update Webinars
Supported by: Edgewise
Mar 7, 2023