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Quest September 2023
Cover of Quest Issue 3, 2023

Read the New Issue of Quest - Expert Life Hacks from an OT - Three Community Resources You Need - Being Unique is Powerful - Letters From Leah: The Importance of Physical Activity - Quest Podcast: Accessible Air Travel & Advocacy Updates - Increasing Access to Genetic Medicine - Playgrounds for Everybody - Quest Media Survey - MDA Virtual Learning Series: Friedreich's Ataxia - Come Work For MDA - Recruiting For Clinical Trials

Quest August 2023
Image of an open business sign over top of a transparent cell phone

The New Quest Media Product Guide - Quest Podcast: Talking ALS with Brooke Eby - Feeding Tubes and Nutrition - Stand Up and Go - DMD Gene Therapy Ignites Hope - FAA Authorization Air Travel Update - MDA Mentorship Program for Young Adults - Quest Photo Contest - Decking Out Your Dorm Room - Support Specialists Re-integrate with Care Centers - Come Work For MDA - Recruiting For Clinical Trials

Quest July 2023
Woman in wheelchair drinking a bottle of water.

FDA Approves the First Gene Therapy for DMD - Hydration for Wheelchair Users - Summertime Travel Products and Tips - Quest Podcast: A Conversation with Steve Way - Why Is it So Hard to Get a Diagnosis? - Traveling with a Disability: A First-Person Point-of-View - Virtual Education Workshop: Access to Coverage: Mental Health - A Letter to Muscular Dystrophy - Open Style Labs Incontinence Survey - Now Hiring! Come Work For MDA - Recruiting For Clinical Trials

Quest June 2023
Quest June 2023 cover and banner

Read the New Issue of Quest Magazine - Ambassador Blog: Happy Father's Day - Quest Podcast: Expert Accessible Travel Tips - Home, Secure Home - The Importance of Women's Wellness - MDA on the Hill 2023 - MDA Virtual Education: Gene Therapy - MDA In-Person Events Build Community - The Value of Natural History Studies - In Case You Missed It - Now Hiring! Come Work For MDA - Recruiting Clinical Trials

Quest May 2023
MDA Quest Poscast logo and heady shots of Mindy Henderson and Megan DeJarnett.

FDA Approves New Treatment for ALS - Quest Podcast: No Such Thing as Normal - How to Find an Accessible Dentist - Ambassador Blog: My Volunteer Journey - Why I Volunteer for MDA - Understanding Substance Use Disorder - MDA Advocates for Improved Air Travel - MDA Virtual Learning Program: ALS Learning Series - MDA Virtual Education: Children’s Mental Health Concerns - Community Connections at Muscle Lab Day - Simply Stated: Emery-Dreifuss Muscular Dystrophy - Now Hiring! Come Work For MDA - Recruiting Clinical Trials

Quest April 2023
Animated image of people holding coins and hearts in front of a jar

Small Endeavors Make a Big Impact - Quest Podcast: The Changing Landscape of Neuromuscular Care - Coming Up: Expert Accessible Travel Advice - Simply Stated: Pompe Disease - Understanding Your Rights as a Shopper - The Magic of MDA Summer Camp - Don’t Lose Your Medicaid Coverage - MDA Virtual Learning Program: Coping with Grief and Loss - MDA Virtual Learning Series: LGMD - Lasting Friendships Through Peer Connections Program - 2023 MDA Clinical and Scientific Conference - FDA Approves Treatment for Friedreich's Ataxia - Come Work For MDA - Recruiting Clinical Trials

Quest March 2023

Read the New Issue of Quest! - Safety and Self-Defense with a Disability - Letters from Leah: Dear Parents - Nutrition on a Budget - Quest Podcast: Catching Up with Bill Crossland - Good News for Rare Diseases - Women and Girls in Science - MDA's Access Workshop: Access to Travel and Transportation - Language Translation Service Expands Community Access - Advocacy Collaboration Grant Recipients Announced - Recruiting Clinical Trials

Quest February 2023

MDA Welcomes 2023 National Ambassadors - Equity in Access to Care - Podcast: New Year, New Mindset - Year of the Volunteer: The Value of Volunteerism - Navigating the Long Journey to Diagnosis - To Tilt or Not To Tilt - MDA Virtual Learning Webinar: Accessible Travel - Introducing MDA Connect - MDA's 2023 Advocacy Plan - Simply Stated: Updates in OPMD - Recruiting Clinical Trials

Quest January 2023
Quest January 2023

2023: Welcome to the Year of the Volunteer - Speaking Up for Your Healthcare Needs - MDA is Hiring! - Perspectives on Gene Therapy - Podcast: Embracing Life with a Disability - Podcast: Advocacy, Accessibility, and the DOT - Quest for Success: Peter Saleh - MDA Access Workshop: Access to Medical Care - Celebrating MDA's 2022 Advocacy Accomplishments - 2022 Highlights: Year of Independence - Recruiting Clinical Trials

Quest December 2022
Quest December 2022

Wrapping Up 2022 - Give the Gift of Hope This Holiday Season - Quest Magazine Issue 4 is Now Available - Join the Quest Podcast Live Audience! - Know Your Numbers - Quest for Success: Ira Walker - Making STEM Education Accessible for All - Take the MDA EVOLVE Survey - Join Our End of Year Advocacy Campaign - Can a P&A Organization Help Me? - Family Support Team Calls Make a Difference - Recruiting Clinical Trials

Quest November 2022
Quest November 2022

Year of Independence: Inclusive Workplace - Welcome Back to MDA Summer Camp - Stress and Family Caregivers - Accessible Public Transit Funding - Quest for Success: Dr. Chris Rosa - Quest Podcast: Inclusive Work Environment - MDA Access Workshop: Insurance - MDA Evolve: Community Survey - MDA’s (Virtual) Return to Capitol Hill - Simply Stated: Congenital Muscular Dystrophy - Accessibility and Workplace Rights - Recruiting Clinical Trials

Quest October 2022
Quest October 2022 banner

Employment Rights for Job Seekers - Fighting for What’s Right - Tips for Better Hygiene - Double Take Fashion Show - Quest for Success: Leah Zelaya - Quest for Success: Maanav Gupta - Quest Podcast: MDA Let’s Play - MDA Announces 70 Research Grants - Election 2022: Know Your Rights - Recruiting Clinical Trials

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