US FDA Grants Expanded Approval of ELEVIDYS Gene Therapy for DMD Patients Ages 4 and Above

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MDA Venture Philanthropy (MVP) Program

From time to time, MDA invests in early-stage companies with promising technologies (drug or device) for neuromuscular diseases, serving to de-risk their platform and to help attract larger venture capital investments as part of its MVP Program.

Previously, MDA facilitated an annual open call for applications. However, during 2024 as the program is being redeveloped, MDA will accept company pitch decks on an ongoing basis to be reviewed individually.

The MVP review process is characterized by an emphasis on a strategy resulting in a commercially viable drug or device therapy and a return on investment.

The submission of a company-branded, non-confidential pitch deck that describes the company research pipeline/platform, potential therapeutic impact, technical feasibility, management team, Board of Directors, and affiliated scientific advisors is required as stated below. Applicants are reviewed based on the likelihood that their proposed strategy would result in commercially viable therapy and a return on investment to decide which applicants should move forward into the diligence review process.

For applicants moving forward into the diligence review process, a confidential review of the scientific and commercial structure of the company is required to enable MDA to make informed investment decisions. This review is an expert assessment of the preclinical/ clinical, manufacturing, regulatory, and patient advocacy plans with the commercial strategy for therapies (drug or device) as well as a review of the organizational budget, management team, and intellectual property of the company.

To send a company-branded, non-confidential pitch deck for review, please send an email to including the following information:

  • Company Name and Contact Information
  • Company Background Summary
  • Company Chief Executive Officer and Chief Scientific Officer
  • Company Employer Identification Number
  • Company Website
  • Company Disease Indication(s)
  • Company Research Pipeline
  • Company Therapeutic (Drug or Device) Platform
  • Company Management Team
  • Company Board of Directors
  • Company Scientific Advisors
  • Company Funding Status
  • MVP Project Description/ Principal Investigator
  • MVP Project Description/ Lay Abstract
  • MVP Project Description/ Scientific Abstract
  • MVP Project Description/ Research Aims

MVP Advisory Committee

MDA has access to a highly qualified set of experts to make recommendations about the selection of projects to invest in. This committee consists of experts in neuromuscular disease research, neuromuscular medicine, biotechnology, venture capital investment and therapeutic development. MDA’s staff scientists work with these experts to select projects with the best possible chance of a commercially viable therapy (drug or device) and a return on investment.

For questions about the MVP program, please send an email to

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