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2020 MDA Clinical and Scientific Conference

Date Time Session Name
June 18 3:00 PM Virtual Industry Forum: Presented by Sanofi Genzyme
Respiratory Involvement in Neuromuscular Disorders: Pompe Disease as a Prototype
June 19 4:00 PM Small Molecules & Therapeutic Antibodies: Experimental, Preclinical, Clinical
Jone Lopez-Erauskin, PhD (Chair)
Virginia Kimonis, MD, MRCP (Chair)
Clotilde Lagier-Tourenne, MD, PhD
Don Cleveland, PhD
Joseph Lewcock, PhD
July 10 4:00 PM Implications of NBS in Clinical Practice - What Does the Future Hold? (CME Certified)
R. Rodney Howell, MD (Chair)
Brittany Hernandez    
Marcia Felker Felker, MD
Mei Baker, MD
July 17 4:00 PM When Gut Feelings Aren’t Helping - Navigating Complicated Ethics in the Neuromuscular Clinic (CME Certified)
John Brandsema, MD (Chair)
Alyssa Burgart, MD
Julie Parsons, MD
Thomas Crawford, MD
July 27 5:45 PM Virtual Industry Forum: Presented by PTC
Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy: Examining the Totality of Evidence for Corticosteroid Treatment
July 31 4:00 PM Ultra-Rare Myopathies and Dystrophies
Alan Beggs, PhD (Chair)
Angela Lek, PhD (Chair)
Frances Evesson, PhD
Scot Wolfe, PhD
August 7 4:00 PM Clinical Trial Design (CME Certified)
Merit Cudkowicz, MD (Chair)
Richard Finkel, MD (Chair)
Ken Cheung, PhD
Kevin Flanigan, MD
Sabrina Paganoni, MD
Diana Bharucha-Goebel, MD
August 14 4:00 PM Lab To Life: What's New in ALS & CMT (CME Certified)
August 28 4:00 PM Real World Data: Disease Registries, Natural History & Post-Marketing Surveillance (CME Certified)
Paul Mehta, MD (Chair)
Paula Clemens, MD (Chair)
Craig Campbell, MD
Craig McDonald, MD
Jane Larkindale, DPhil
Jeff Rothstein, MD, PhD

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