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Innovations in Care

We provide programs and services that transform the lives of people affected by neuromuscular disease.

Community Education

Community Events

We believe in the power of community and the importance of building relationships with families going through similar experiences. If you are an individual living with a neuromuscular disease, we invite you and your loved ones to attend our educational events taking place virtually.

Educational Materials

MDA has prepared resources and materials to help educate the neuromuscular disease community about the fundamentals of neuromuscular disease. New resources are always in development so please check back periodically to access more information and materials.

MDA Access Workshops

MDA Access Workshops are a community education program created to provide information and resources on overcoming barriers to a variety of access topics while being specifically built for the neuromuscular disease (NMD) community. These workshops are on-demand. The workshops focus on increasing health literacy, empowerment and self-advocacy within the community.

MDA Access Survey

The MDA Access Survey was developed to better understand some of the common barriers the neuromuscular disease community faces, such as access to equipment, therapies, education, employment, and financial independence.

MDA Archived & On-Demand Videos

View past and on-demand MDA educational events.