Help Through Services and Support

MDA is committed to helping kids and adults with muscle-debilitating diseases live longer and grow stronger. We offer numerous services and resources in hometowns across America that provide care, support and guidance through every step of your journey.

Equipment Assistance

As neuromuscular diseases progress, MDA Care Center team members are prepared to recommend and prescribe various types of medical equipment that can increase independence and quality of life. When such equipment is needed, MDA offers assistance in locating prescribed items through its national equipment program and referrals to community resources. MDA also assists with repairs to medical equipment used in connection with a neuromuscular disease.

MDA National Equipment Program

MDA’s national equipment program helps provide good-condition, gently used wheelchairs and other medical equipment, such as shower chairs, hospital beds, walkers, canes, communication devices and similar items, when available and as feasible. Your local MDA office gratefully accepts donations of medical equipment for distribution through its equipment loan program. MDA is able to make minor repairs to gently used items. Please contact your local MDA office to learn more. 

In addition, many federal, state and local resources are available to assist individuals with equipment purchases. To find resources that may be of assistance to you, please visit the section called Additional Resources. Furthermore, because many helpful resources are community-based, you’re encouraged to contact your local MDA office to learn more about those other options in your community. Local MDA staff maintain an extensive database of resources available in your area. Contact the MDA Resource Center to be connected with knowledgeable staff who can help navigate the process of obtaining prescribed equipment.

Equipment repairs

MDA understands that keeping medical equipment in working order is vital to independence and quality of life. Since many public and private insurance programs don’t assist with repairs to equipment, MDA offers assistance with the cost of repairs and/or modifications to all types of durable medical equipment needed in connection with your or your loved one’s neuromuscular disease. Contact your local MDA office for more information via the Find MDA in Your Community ZIP code locator tool found on the left side of this page.

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