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Pushing Their Limits

Lifelong friends partner with MDA to bring their journey to the big screen

In 2014, two lifelong friends set off on a journey that, in addition to deepening their friendship and teaching them life lessons, would eventually inspire a book, speaking engagements and a documentary called “I’ll Push You,” which is premiering November 2. 

Justin Skeesuck and Patrick Gray have been friends since birth. When Skeesuck was 16 years old, he began to feel the effects of a rare form of neuromuscular disease. 

In 2012, he learned about the Camino de Santiago, a 500-mile trail in Spain, and he asked his friend Gray what he thought about taking it on. They decided to go for it, and that grueling but awe-inspiring journey is documented in “I’ll Push You.”

“We set out to accomplish this impossible journey, and we made it,” says Skeesuck. “To have it documented on film is a dream come true. But to finally be able to share it with the world, I’m not sure I have words to adequately describe the joy I feel.”

Skeesuck and Gray have partnered with MDA and its Live Unlimited Campaign to bring the documentary to select theaters this November, so even more people can enjoy their adventure. 

“Every life has challenges; some are harder than others,” Skeesuck says. “But regardless of the challenges we face, our ability to overcome them rests in our relationships. That’s what this film is about — our ability to live well rests in the community we surround ourselves with.”

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