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How do you become a player?

  • Twitch logo.

    Step 1: Get the tools

  • Download the Stream Kit
  • Add in a Stream Overlay “Thermometer”
  • Get the Twitch extension
  • Integrate with Stream Labs
  • Setup Chatbot Auto Messaging
  • Activate Rewards for your donors!
  • Tiltify logo.

    Step 2: Sign up

  • Visit Tiltify by going to tiltify.com/mda
  • Click Start Fundraising at the top of the screen and login/signup
  • Choose Individual
  • Choose your Campaign Name and fill in the Campaign Description
  • Set Campaign Goal
  • Click the “Create Campaign” to start!
  • Twitter logo.

    Step 3: Start streaming

  • Share your campaign in our discord to notify the community
  • Tag us on Twitter @MDALet’sPlay and we’ll share your stream with our followers

Donor Rewards


Special MDA gaming mask.


Special MDA gaming jersey.


Special MDA gaming hoodie.

Share your stream in our Discord


If you need any help reach us on Discord or message us on Twitter @MDALetsPlay

Up Late

Wednesday @ 8 p.m. ET

Dec 15 Brawlhalla
Dec 22 Valorant

Game Night

Saturday @ 7 p.m. ET

Dec 11 Minecraft *BEDROCK EDITION
Dec 18 Roblox