US FDA Grants Expanded Approval of ELEVIDYS Gene Therapy for DMD Patients Ages 4 and Above

MDA's Wings Over Wall Street

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MDA’s Wings Over Wall Street is one of the most successful Muscular Dystrophy Association benefits to fund research to find a cure for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

2024 MDA’s Wings Over Wall Street

June 6, 20246 p.m.Edison Ballroom

It is because of generous supporters like you that Wings Over Wall Street brings hope and awareness to those living with ALS. Thank you in advance for your support.

In our 24 year existence, the generous supporters of MDA’s Wings Over Wall Street have helped to raise $13 million for ALS research. Unfortunately, our mission remains unfinished. Please consider donating or sponsoring Wings Over Wall Street that will help fund treatments and cures for ALS.

Together, we WILL unlock the cure for ALS.

All of our net proceeds go to ALS research.

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An old looking photo of Toni Diamond, smiling and wearing a floral dress.

“The voice of my heart is crying out to all of you. Do not stand idly by while this wretched disease is allowed to exist.”

Toni M. Diamond (1958 - 2004)

“I have vowed to do anything and everything possible to stop this disease so that my children will never be threatended.”

- Michael P. Beier (1963 - 2003)