BREAKING NEWS: New drug approved by the FDA for Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Learn more about this new treatment option.

Portraits of Ability

Musician. Dancer. Researcher. Your donation helps MDA support the abilities of passionate, talented people with neuromuscular disease. Donate to MDA and help support thousands of talented, passionate people living with neuromuscular disease.

Dr. Monkol Lek

Dr. Monkol Lek is an assistant professor at Yale University Medical School. His lab researches the genetics of neuromuscular diseases and how to translate that into therapy. He is also a patient. Lek has limbgirdle muscular dystrophy and does all his research from his wheelchair.

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Maddee Helaire

Maddee was born with some serious dance moves. She loves to make people laugh and participate in MDA events like, Fill the Boot and MDA Summer Camp. She is a local MDA Ambassador in Louisiana and helped promote Shamrocks in her city in March 2020.

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Frankie Bengtson

MDA Summer Camp is Frankie’s favorite week of the year. She has met so many people at camp that have changed her life and had the opportunity to play her first gig during a talent show. Frankie now writes and performs her own songs. (See her perform starting 48 minutes into video below)

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