MDA Shamrocks: Symbols of strength, independence and life


Your Donation Matters

Thank you to our more than 25,000 retail locations who united across the country this St. Patrick's Day season to help kids and adults live longer and grow stronger. Each day everyday freedoms like walking, talking, hugging and even breathing are taken away from individuals with muscular dystrophy, ALS and related life-threatening diseases. Interested in selling MDA Shamrocks to help kids and adults with muscular dystrophy? Email

See the impact our iconic paper MDA Shamrocks had this year and the ways they help these individuals - and the families who love them - today:

  • Care

    Every day, MDA invests $75,000 in research to find breakthrough treatments and cures across diseases.*
  • Cure

    MDA funds more than 150 Care Centers at top hospitals and health care facilities across the US and Puerto Rico to provide comprehensive clinical care and support to families that need it most.
  • Champion

    Nearly 75 MDA Summer Camps across the country provide kids with muscular dystrophy the ability to experience a barrier-free, week-long experience where anything is possible – at no cost to families.
*Based on number of days MDA is open for business

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