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Meet Our Partners (Price Chopper)

Together with supporters like you, we can make innovative science and care possible for families.

Price Chopper

Price Chopper is a Northeast-based grocery store chain with 134 locations across six states. For more than 30 years, Price Chopper supermarkets have been a committed partner in the fight against muscle disease by supporting MDA through a variety of programs, including the MDA Shamrocks campaign and the Lewis Golub Memorial MDA/ALS Golf Tournament. Price Chopper and its trade partners continue to show their commitment to being in our communities for good and to do good. Price Chopper’s enduring support of MDA is truly a family affair. Executive Chairman of the Board, Neil Golub, has been one of MDA’s greatest champions. He has personally spearheaded many of the campaigns, including being a MDA Telethon host for 30 years. Jerry Golub, Vice Chairman of the Board, has led the effort with the Lewis Golub Golf Tournament, named after his late father (and Neil’s cousin and business partner), who had been diagnosed with ALS. This long-time partnership between MDA and Price Chopper has led to many milestones in local services, including the funding of the Lewis Golub MDA/ALS Clinic in Albany, New York.