Meet Our Partners (Acosta)

Together with our generous supporters, MDA is fighting to free kids and adults from the harm of muscle-debilitating diseases so they can live longer and grow stronger. We need caring individuals like you to help us bring more treatments, the best care and life-changing support to families today.



Acosta is the sales and marketing powerhouse behind most of the trusted brands seen in stores every day. When an Acosta associate discovered that his son had muscular dystrophy, the company created the Aisles of Smiles program to support MDA. Acosta unites consumer brands, retailers and shoppers to support people with muscular dystrophy through the simple act of grocery shopping with huge results. Since 1985, Acosta has raised more than $82 million for MDA through Aisles of Smiles and special events.

"Acosta is proud of its longtime partnership with MDA as we continue to help improve the lives of kids and adults fighting muscular dystrophy. Recent research advancements supported by MDA have made four treatments available in the past two years, giving many MDA families the opportunity to truly live longer and get stronger. Acosta is proud that it’s played a key role in this as we’ve leveraged the strength of our consumers, brands and retailers to engage shoppers in an impactful way and create a winning combination that raises funds and increases awareness for this important cause."

Gary Chartrand, Executive Chairman, President and CEO, Acosta