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Our mission is to empower people living with neuromuscular diseases to live longer, more independent lives.

Donor Privacy Policy

The Muscular Dystrophy Association, Inc. (“MDA”) values the trust of its donors.

We know that you value your privacy, and we strive to honor your privacy preferences. This Donor Privacy Policy describes what information we collect about you; how we collect and store such information; how we may use such information; with whom we may share such information; and what choices you have regarding these matters.

Please Note: The Donor Privacy Policy pertains to the collection, storage, and use of the Personal Information of MDA donors in their specific capacity as donors. A separate policy governs the collection, storage, and use of the Personal Information of individuals who use the MDA website at www.mda.org. Those policies, which govern the website’s online giving function, and which therefore are relevant to donors who utilize that function, can be found at https://www.mda.org/privacy-policy.

Collecting Donor Information

MDA may collect Personal Information about you, our donors, when you make a monetary donation, in person, via phone, via email, or through an online platform.

The Personal Information that MDA collects may include your name, postal address, zip code, telephone number, organization name, email address, credit card data, bank information, or payment information. This Personal Information may be voluntarily provided by you or requested by MDA as necessary to process donations or to deliver communications.

Storing Donor Information

The Personal Information that MDA stores in a database may include your name, postal address, zip code, telephone number, organization name, and email address. MDA maintains commercially reasonable physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect your Personal Information. Our relationship management system is protected by a server with Secure Socket Layer (SSL), the industry standard security protocol. Designated MDA employees have limited access to Personal information for the purpose of sending communications to donors.

MDA does not store the credit card data, bank information. All credit card transactions conducted by MDA, including donations, are compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), a set of security standards designed to ensure that the acceptance, processing, and transmission credit card information takes place in a secure environment.

Donor Health Information

MDA does not collect, store, or use any health-related information about donors in their capacity as donors. MDA may, in some circumstances, retain information about the health of individuals who voluntarily provide such information and whose relationship with MDA is based of their health or the health of a family member. In some cases, such individuals may also be MDA donors. But MDA does not maintain health information about any individual as part of its donor management or fundraising operations.

MDA Use of Donor Information

MDA may use your Personal Information to send you information about MDA programs, events, and news. MDA may also use your Personal Information to acknowledge past donations or to solicit future donations.

Publishing Donor Information

MDA does not publish the names of individual donors.

An individual who donates to a participant in an MDA-related fundraising event (e.g., a Muscle Walk) may elect to include or exclude his or her name from the fundraising website page associated with the event participant.

Sharing or Transferring Donor Information

MDA does not share Personal Information with commercial entities.

MDA may share Personal Information with other nonprofit organizations with compatible missions on a limited basis. As a donor, you may at any time have your name excluded from MDA nonprofit list exchanges.

MDA may share Personal Information with third parties that provide operational or management services to MDA such as web hosting, information technology, data analytics, marketing consultation, or email delivery. MDA binds such third parties to keep Personal Information confidential.

MDA may use Personal Information to comply with the law, or in the good faith belief that such action is necessary to conform to the requirements of law or to respond to requests from public or government authorities.

MDA may use Personal Information to protect against potential fraud. MDA may verify with third parties the information collected in the course of processing a gift, event registration or other donation.

MDA may use, disclose, or transfer Personal Information to a third party in the event of any reorganization, merger, sale, joint venture, assignment, transfer or other disposition of all or any portion of our organization

Donor Privacy Options

MDA offers the following options for restricting use of your Personal Information:

  • Do not contact me by postal mail.
  • Do not contact me by phone.
  • Do not contact me by email.
  • Do not share my contact information with other nonprofit organizations.
  • Do not contact me with fundraising requests.
  • Do not contact me.

Donor Resources

As a donor, you may contact MDA donor care staff at info@mdausa.org or call (888)435-7632:

  • To ask questions about donor privacy
  • To opt out of any use of Personal Information
  • To set your contact preferences
  • To review the Personal Information what we have collected about you

If you have any questions about our privacy practices, concerns regarding misuse of personal data, or other inquiries related to the terms or conditions of this Donor Privacy Policy, please feel free to contact us as at privacyofficer@mdausa.org.

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