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Medical Education and Resources

MDA is offering a series of educational programs developed with the country’s top thought leaders and experts for clinicians who manage and treat individuals with neuromuscular disease.

MDA Grand Rounds Webinars

Best practices and practical clinical consideration in the management and care of individuals with NMD.

Overview of the Neuromuscular Disease Space

MDA Considerations in Care Case Studies

Coming Soon! Explore multidisciplinary clinical decision making through the lens of patient case studies.

MDA What’s New In… Presentations

Expert-crafted speaker slide series on current topics in the Neuromuscular Disease space which can be leveraged for relevant talks or used as reference materials.

ALS Speaker slides
ALS Speaker Slides

The MDA Medical Education team has partnered with Dr. Robert L. Sufit and Dr. John M. Coleman from the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine to create a detailed presentation discussing the multiple aspects of ALS care. These slides will help physicians to learn more about the diagnosis process of ALS, the mechanism of disease, and how to proactively manage symptoms. The MDA invites clinicians in our community to use this resource to educate other providers on the nuances of ALS care.

MDA Monthly Report

MDA's Monthly Report eNewsletter provides a summary of recent and important updates and events for clinicians and researchers working in neuromuscular disease. Click here to access our archived issues.