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Great Expectations: Pregnancy and Childbirth with Neuromuscular Disease

Having a baby can be the most thrilling and rewarding experience of a woman’s life, yet it also can be fraught with fear and uncertainty. This is especially true for women with neuromuscular disease. This special report takes a look at the issues that arise for expectant mothers with muscle disease and finds that, with proper care and planning, these women are usually — although not always — able to have successful pregnancies and give birth to healthy children.

In this section, you will find an extensive examination of the subject from a scientific and medical perspective. You’ll also find personal stories of eight women with neuromuscular diseases who have had children. Some of these women had relatively trouble-free pregnancies and birth experiences; others had significant challenges to overcome.

Our special section also includes charts of disease-specific complications and of potential complications in pregnancy caused by medications used to treat neuromuscular diseases, and a podcast of interviews with neurologist Emma Ciafaloni and obstetrician Eva Pressman.

This series also can be downloaded as a printable PDF.

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