Pregnancy and Childbirth with Neuromuscular Disease

July 2010

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Having a baby can be the most thrilling and rewarding experience of a woman’s life, yet it also can be fraught with fear and uncertainty. This is especially true for women with neuromuscular disease.

This special MDA report takes a look at the issues that arise for expectant mothers with muscle disease and finds that, with proper care and planning, these women are usually — although not always — able to have successful pregnancies and give birth to healthy children.

Included in the full PDF (available for download below), you'll find an extensive examination of the subject from a scientific and medical perspective in the following stories:

  • Caution, Preparation and Teamwork Lead to the Best Pregnancy Outcome in Women with Neuromuscular Diseases
  • Disease-Specific Complications (chart)
  • Good Advice from Women Who've Been There (eight women share their personal stories of pregnancy and childbirth)
  • Medication Complications for Pregnant Women with Neuromuscular Disease

Be sure to visit the Quest website to listen to a podcast with neurologist Emma Ciafaloni and obstetrician Eva Pressman.