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Hey! I'm Here Too!

This playful little booklet, written in a Q&A format, is designed to help siblings of a child with muscular dystrophy explore and understand their feelings.

April 1999

Learning to Live with Neuromuscular Disease: A Message for Parents

This booklet is for parents who've recently learned their child has a progressive muscle disease. Topics include: Facing your feelings, the other children in the family, single parenting, reaching out and teaching independence.

November 2011

Meals for Easy Swallowing

This booklet contains recipes, tips and ideas for making eating more pleasurable for people who have trouble swallowing due to ALS.

March 2005

Pregnancy and Childbirth with Neuromuscular Disease

A special report examining issues that arise for expectant mothers with muscle diseases. Includes information about disease-specific complications, and stories from women with neuromuscular disease who gave birth.

July 2010

Preparing for Emergencies: A Checklist for People with Neuromuscular Diseases

People can prepare for home emergencies by completing the checklists and filling in the essential information in this brochure.

January 2011

Spinal Muscular Atrophy Care Guidelines

The SMA Standard of Care Committee released a “consensus statement” on clinical care that sets guidelines aimed at standardizing the management of this disease.

November 2007

Travis: I Got Lots of Neat Stuff (bilingual)

Written by the mother of a boy with muscular dystrophy, this simple picture book helps children realize that life can be fun even with muscle disease

August 2009