Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

(ALS, Lou Gehrig's Disease)

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MDA is proud to unite with ALS patients and work collaboratively as part of the largest coordinated  effort of ALS nonprofits to date. Together with the ALS Association, ALS Therapy Development Institute, Team Gleason, the Iron Horse Foundation and others, we’re working to raise awareness and funds to provide crucial patient services and accelerate ALS research breakthroughs that will lead to treatments and cures — and we’re excited to announce that the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is back this August.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge co-founders, Pat Quinn, Pete Frates and Anthony Senerchia, are challenging the community to rally behind the Ice Bucket Challenge “every August until there’s a cure,” and we hope you’ll join us to answer that challenge. Unite with us behind this amazing, inspiring campaign and help give people with ALS a lifetime to share their talents, accomplish their dreams and have more time with the people they love.

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"Warner Smith wants to be around for all his daughter's milestone moments. He wants to teach her to drive, see her go to prom and walk her down the aisle at her wedding. For families like his, treatments and cures for ALS can't come fast enough. Learn more about him from this video and let’s help give Warner Smith a fighting chance."




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(Use these on Facebook. Click on the image link, then right click on the image and choose "Save image as…")


Learn More

  • Read the latest ALS blog from MDA’s ALS Scientific Program Officer Amanda M. Haidet-Phillips, Ph.D.: MDA Unites with the ALS Community as ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Returns.
  • Be sure to check out the latest MDA ALS blogs from people living with ALS, as they use their “voices” to help raise awareness and share their thoughts, experiences and advice with the ALS community.
  • Learn more about ALS, its causes, signs and symptoms, research, clinical trials and more.
  • Download our ALS Fact Sheet to see how MDA supports families living with ALS and uses your donations to help find treatments and cures.

Drought Friendly

Last year’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was a global phenomenon, raising $220 million worldwide and giving hope of a cure to people living with ALS for the first time in generations. ALS organizations are uniting again this year to bring back the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge “this August and every August until there’s a cure.” However, given that water is a precious resource and that there is a drought affecting much of the West and other parts of the world, we are challenging you to think of some “drought friendly” ALS Ice Bucket Challenge alternatives. Perhaps using a bucket of Ocean Water? Or the Sand? Get crafty with it. Think less water, more creativity.