Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA)

Good Birds


Rod was an avid bird watcher and was involved in a number of environmental and political activities.  He also wrote and performed music and comedy.

God with Us

Elisabeth excelled in music and digital media authoring.  She won awards for Web site design while in high school.  This artwork was featured in the 2003 MDA Holiday Wishes card collection.

Giraffes at Sunset

Elsha created this artwork at age 15.  She graduated first in her class from Northridge High School in Layton.  Elsha is no longer able to paint due to weakness in her arms. Previously, she would lie on her side, using her left arm to support her right arm and hand as she painted.

Frightening Lightning


Blanche began drawing and painting as a child.  This artwork received a People’s Choice award in a local juried exhibit before she donated it to the MDA Art Collection.  Blanche’s hobbies include reading, needlework and music.

Forgotten Phoenix

Jackie created artwork using computer graphics for several years.  He graduated from Kimball High School in Royal Oak, Michigan, and had his own Web site design business.



Shawna created this artwork at age six at an MDA-sponsored children's art workshop held at the Dallas Museum of Art in Dallas.  She is a former MDA Goodwill Ambassador for the Dallas area.

Engraved Tile


Kevin created this artwork at age 14 at an MDA-sponsored art workshop held on May 3, 1992 at the Chicago Art Institute.  He liked singing, composing music and acting, and was very active in several music and drama organizations.

End of the Trail


David began painting as a teenager.  He was self-employed as an entertainment booking agent for local fairs and festivals.  David was also active with MDA fundraisers and the local broadcast of the Jerry Lewis Telethon for many years.  He was the recipient of MDA’s 1992 Personal Achievement Award for Michigan.

Doilie Symphony II

Elisabeth received a Bachelor of Arts from Northwestern College in St. Paul, MN.  She began creating artwork as a toddler as soon as she realized paint was not something to eat!  Her artwork has won awards in juried shows and she was the winner of the 2008 Neurology Now magazine art contest.  Along with creating artwork, Elisabeth enjoys reading, good tea and she’s a comic and Renaissance Fest fan.

Clown Fish


Kerrie and her brother Rob Whitaker served as National Goodwill Ambassadors in 1963-64.  She has two pieces of artwork in the Art Collection.