Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD)

The Final Frontier


Ryan created this artwork at age 11 at an MDA-sponsored summer camp.  Marbles were coated with paint and then rolled around on paper to create this unique design.  He graduated from high school with honors and is attending Bowling Green University majoring in sport management with a minor in journalism.

Untitled - Lee Breidenbach

Lee created this artwork at age 10 at an MDA-sponsored children's art workshop held April 25, 1992, in San Antonio, Texas.  In addition to painting, he enjoyed working on the computer and traveling.

Super K


Kaalan attends Dekaney High School in Houston.  His favorite subjects are English, art and animal science.  Kaalan drew this artwork based on a hero theme.  He has been drawing pictures since he was a youngster.

Sun Plasma


Robert has been painting for several years using a mouth brush, his wheelchair wheels and other items to create his works.  He is studying art at Massasoit Community College in Canton as well as working as an assistant teacher of Performing Arts at the Massachusetts Hospital School in Canton.



James created this artwork at age 9 at an MDA-sponsored children's art workshop held May 13, 1995, at the Glassell Junior School of Art-Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.  His favorite school subjects included art and science.

Solitude Over the Shaded Villiage


Joshua has been drawing for several years.  This artwork is an illustration for a book he’s writing.  Other hobbies include watching movies and listening to all types of music.

Self Portrait - Omar Reyes


Omar created this artwork at age 10 in July 1997 at an MDA-sponsored children’s summer camp.  His favorite hobbies were swimming, fishing and painting.

Saguaros and Owl


Matt created this painting at age 10 at an MDA-sponsored children's art workshop held at the Arizona State University Art Building in Tempe, Arizona.  He was active in scouting.

Race to the Summit


Petr created this artwork at age 14 at an MDA summer camp held at Camp Florian in Canton, Mass.  He studied English and creative writing at the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts.

Pyramids in Outer Space

GrahaMGraduated from New Rochelle High School.  He used acrylic, oil, pen and ink in his artwork which has been exhibited in an art gallery in Princeton, New Jersey.  Graham also was commissioned for private and commercial work including an advertisement for the Henry Viscardi School.