Becker Myotonia Congenita

Study of Pregnancy in Women with Myotonias

Investigators at the University of Rochester (N.Y.) are seeking participants for a questionnaire-based study of pregnancy and delivery in women with nondystrophic myotonias. No travel is required.

Nondystrophic myotonias included in this study are:

Facts About Myopathies

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Self Portrait - Mark Sias


Mark created this self-portrait at age 17 in an MDA-sponsored children's art workshop held at the Tucson Museum of Art.  He graduated from Sabino High School.  Mark’s interests include photography and classic cars.

In Our Hands


Brian began painting and drawing as a small child.  He has won awards for his works at Chaparral High School and the Temecula Rotary Club art exhibits.  He also has organized summer art camps for 4-6th graders, instructing them in drawing and painting with acrylics and watercolors.  Among his other interests are science classes and soccer.  Along with the muscle disease, Brian also has cerebral palsy.

Baby Angel

Benjamin graduated from high school in Rock Falls, Illinois, where he worked on the school news program, Rocket Update, as a reporter and cameraman.  He also studied art at the Art Institute of Phoenix.

Research Briefs: FA, MG, MM, MMD1, gene therapy

Edison drugs target FA, mitochondrial diseases


What are inherited and endocrine myopathies?

Muscles affected by inherited and endocrine myopathies
Myopathies can cause weakness or stiffness in all of the body's voluntary muscles. Because muscles support the body's posture, muscle weakness can lead to skeletal deformities.

Inherited and Endocrine Myopathies


MDA leads the search for treatments and therapies for inherited and endocrine myopathies. The Association also provides comprehensive supports and expert clinical care for those living with inherited and endocrine myopathies.

In this section, you’ll find up-to-date information about inherited and endocrine myopathies, as well as many helpful resources. This information has been compiled with input from researchers, physicians and people affected by the disease.