VA Biorepository Brain Bank Seeks Veterans with ALS

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is seeking veterans who have amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and who live in the United States to enroll in its VA Biorepository Brain Bank (VABBB), a human tissue bank that collects, processes and stores tissue samples for use in future research studies.

Participation involves completing regular health surveys and an after-death donation of brain and spinal cord tissue.

VABBB supports a VA commitment to broadening knowledge of ALS and is funded by the VA's Research and Development Service. Tissue samples are made available to researchers who are conducting ALS-related studies.  

VA seeks to collect health information and tissue samples

Veterans with ALS who would like to participate in the study will:

  • read and sign consent forms;
  • complete a survey about their health history;
  • be contacted approximately every six months by phone or mail to update life changes and health status.

VABBB personnel also will enter information from each participant's VA medical record (if one exists) into the VABBB database.

Tissue samples will be collected after death at the closest VA medical center or by medical professionals at another facility. Arrangements for tissue collection will be made by study staff at no cost to the family.

All personal identifying information collected will be labeled with a code and will be kept confidential as required by law.

Participation in the VABBB is voluntary; those who are enrolled may withdraw at any time.

How to participate

To participate, or to ask questions, call the VA toll free at (866) 460-1158, or at (857) 364-6748 and (857) 364-3877.

For more information on VABBB, see:

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