Bryson Foster

Bryson Foster
Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD)


June 28, 2000

Home and family

Bryson is the only child of Phil and Claire Foster of Concord, N.C. His father works for US Foods; his mom works for Piedmont Plastics.

Health history

At the age of five, Bryson was diagnosed as having Duchenne muscular dystrophy, characterized by generalized muscle weakness and wasting in the hips, legs and shoulders. It eventually affects all muscles.


Bryson is a seventh-grade honor roll student, who is an extremely friendly and outgoing young man with a refreshingly positive attitude. His favorite subjects are: reading, spelling and social studies. He’s a “social butterfly’’ and often greets his friends with high-fives. 


Bryson has a wide variety of interests, including reading, rock & roll and country music, and playing video games. But, sports are his true passion. He is a sports memorabilia collector, possessing a collection that rivals many ardent collectors. When he grows up, he wants to be a quarterback, head coach or sports announcer — in that order. Bryson enjoys books and movies involving superheroes. He enjoys playing with his friends and singing karaoke. Bryson reads the Bible regularly, drawing inspiration from it.

MDA activities

Poised and assured, Bryson is a regular at a number of MDA events and is often specifically requested by sponsors. He loves MDA summer camp and was profiled during and served as co-announcer on the 2012 MDA Show of Strength. In his role as MDA’s National Goodwill Ambassador, he and his parents travel the country to attend MDA fundraisers, gatherings of sponsors and other events throughout the United States to spread the word about MDA and its mission to find treatments and cures for muscular dystrophy and related diseases.

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